Software engineering is a discipline whose aim is the production of fault-free software, delivered on time and within budget, that satisfies the client’s need. A software engineer has to acquire a broad range of skills, both technical and managerial. Current Industry needs candidates who are updated to the latest technology and deliver leadership skills.

At Focuz Infotech Advanced Education, we provide you with best in Advanced Software training which can help students gain a strong footing in this niche. With our holistic way of training the candidate can not only to become a quintessential developer in Java, PHP and Android but also become a complete professional with leadership skills which will improve the performance of the candidate ergonomically.

What we are

We at Focuz Infotech for Advanced Education have been offering high quality education and training to our students since decades. Our contributions in the field of IT education have been meaningful, substantial and many have reached the pinnacle of success in their careers with our exemplary training. We are a member of NASSCOM and have the world’s top IT companies as partners in our endeavour to provide high quality IT education and training.


With our PG Diploma in Software Engineering, we aim to equip our students with all the right tools for a stellar career in the field of IT and ITES. Our course is designed to include best industry practices and all the right tools for success.

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What You Learn

In this course, you learn –
  • Java Programming
  • Java Frameworks
  • Java EE Programming


  • PHP Frameworks.
  • Software Engineering
  • A Mini Project
  • Android Application Development
  • Case Study.
  • A Major Project