One of the most popular statistical and arithmetical computing environments in the world today is Matlab. Matlab or Matrix Laboratory is a powerful and versatile system sporting features like manipulation of matrices, data and function plotting options, algorithm implementation, creating of custom GUI and the ability to interface with programs written in a variety of languages like C++ and Java. With additional packages providing extra features, Matlab is popularly used both in industries and in the academia for a variety of purpose.

For a career in Matlab, it is important to have high quality training and specialized guidance. At Focuz Infotech Advanced Education, we provide an industry leading Matlab course. This is guaranteed to put you in a great place to start your successful Matlab career and develop your skills to succeed on the job.

What we do

At Focuz Infotech Advanced Education, a NASSCOM listed company; we have been imparting real world relevant knowledge and encouraging success for 15 years. Our courses help students achieve their professional dreams and start a successful IT career. With our Matlab course, we cover not only the basics but also the latest practices and developments to help our students build a base of knowledge and competence that would serve them well during their careers. We take into account all the nuances of Matlab and incorporate them into our course so as to facilitate complete and comprehensive learning and high quality results.


With this Matlab course, you can get at the heart of Matlab and kick start your Matlab career being fully equipped to handle all kinds of situations in a live environment. You get the fundamentals and skills necessary for project development and can also be a part of an on-going project environment with our application oriented industrial training in a number of different domains.

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What You Learn

During the tenure of this course, you get to learn and practically apply –
  • Introduction and basic concepts of Matlab
  • Data and the flow of data in Matlab
  • Matlab programming basics
  • Graphics in Matlab
  • The Matlab image processing toolbox – detailed analysis
  • The Matlab signal processing toolbox – detailed analysis
  • The Matlab GUI or graphical user interface
  • Basic video processing in Matlab
  • Embedded systems, model based design and graphical simulation using Simulink