The Enterprise Edition of Java and PHP are arguably the two most often used programming languages in the world. These immensely popular coding platforms are profusely used for a variety of different needs and purposes, and their feature sets make these platforms stand the test of time and give them the ability to handle changing industry requirements.

It is due to their popularity and their endurance that a thorough knowledge of J2EE and PHP is fundamental to a long and successful IT career. To this end, we at Focuz Infotech Advanced Education provide the latest and best J2EE and PHP training program.These courses designed to propel our students to the heights of their careers and to give them the best tools and skills to excel in the IT industry.


For over 15 years, Focuz Infotech Advanced Education has been providing exemplary IT training and enabling people to kick start their IT careers with complete skill and confidence. Over the years, we have perfected our training processes and course content and have emerged rapidly as one of the leading providers of quality IT education. With our J2EE and PHP course, it is our aim to give our students an insight on the scope and features of the platforms, to include changes and latest innovations and to teach industry best practices to ensure that our students are ready to face any challenge in the corporate world.

With the J2EE and PHP course, you achieve strong fundamental knowledge of the concepts of J2EE and PHP, along with expertise in database embedding and programming. You also get valuable insight regarding testing and deploying applications.

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What You Learn

Our meticulous J2EE training includes –
  • Training in core Java, concepts and development
  • MySQL databases
  • JDBC or Java Database Connectivity
  • SERVLETS server management and extension
  • JSP or Java Server Pages
  • Basic and advanced HTML
  • Basic and advanced JavaScript
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
  • MVC or Model View Controller architecture- overview and concepts
  • Hibernate
  • Struts
  • Spring framework basics

Our PHP training includes –

  • PHP basics and concepts
  • Server side scripting
  • Client side scripting employing JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • MySQL databases and database connectivity
  • PHP functions
  • Data manipulation in MySQL servers using PHP
  • Popular PHP frameworks like Cake PHP, CODE IGNITER and Joomla
  • Email handling with PHP