At present, the use of embedded systems and system design has proliferated into every industry. Use of embedded systems for a large number of different business processes is a standard practice nowadays, and the field of embedded systems and design is a booming one that would be ideal for a great career option.

At Focuz Infotech Advanced Education, we provide an industry leading PG diploma training program in Advanced Embedded Systems and Design. This enables our students to transform their careers and reach the next level with superior knowledge and requisite industry experience in the field. Our APGDM course is a pillar for success in the field of advanced embedded systems. With the field knowledge and skills that we teach, a career in this domain can be extremely rewarding with the scope of success and prosperity.

What we are

We at Focuz Infotech for Advanced Education have been offering high quality education and training to our students since decades. Our contributions in the field of IT education have been meaningful, substantial and many have reached the pinnacle of success in their careers with our exemplary training. We are a member of NASSCOM and have the world’s top IT companies as partners in our endeavor to provide high quality IT education and training.


With the APGDM course, you gain valuable insight on project designing skills with ARM7 and ARM9, as well as testing platforms and interfacing of SD and MMC cards. You also get to experience live implementation of automotive protocols and become ready for the industry.

Course Enquiry:

What You Learn

In this course, you learn –
  • Concepts and use of microcontrollers
  • Basic concepts of embedded systems
  • Basic concepts of PIC microcontroller
  • Small Project Development concepts
  • PCB design training
  • Robotics design training
  • ARM7 processors
  • ARM9 processors
  • Communication applications based on ARM design
  • External modules and interfacing
  • CAN automotive protocol and testing
  • Interfacing SD cards with SPI protocol
  • Projects and case studies
  • RTOS