Android is without a shadow of doubt the most popular mobile platform at present. With a giant user base that is growing every day and new features getting added with every update, more and more devices are using the Android platform as their preferred choice all over the world. With the demand for great Android applications getting sky-high, a career is Android development is a lucrative option for just about anyone. There is immense scope for excellence and skill to show through, and you can reach the pinnacle of success with the right kind of training.

At Focuz Infotech Advanced Education, we provide you with best in class Android development training, which can help students gain a strong footing in this niche. With our courses, you can pursue your dream of becoming a top notch Android developer with the best training and guidance available.


Our Android course focuses on core concepts, development principles, best practices and time tested techniques which have made many Android developers immensely successful in the field. You receive exemplary training on the Android platform, accompanied by additional training on other useful platforms like PHP, Java, Python and NS2 for a complete and well-rounded knowledge base. With over 15 years of experience in delivering stellar training to top professionals, we at Focuz Infotech Advanced Education have perfected the art of imparting technical and technological knowhow and expertise. We help people pursue their dreams by providing a state of the art learning environment and innovation based study mechanism, which embraces industry standards to equip people to handle the real world. We give our students the opportunity to interact with top IT companies to give them industry insight.

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What You Learn

Our Android course includes –
  • Basic and advanced techniques of Android app development
  • UI design
  • Basic Android APIs
  • Multimedia APIs
  • Networking APIs
  • Telephony APIs
  • Google Maps and other location based APIs
  • Web APIs
  • Graphics programming and animation
  • Sensor programming
  • Application database development using SQLite
  • App development for the latest Android version Kitkat 4.4
  • App deployment for Google Play store