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What makes us different?

About us

Focuz Infotech was set up with a view to fill the void created by lack of industry relevant education and training initiatives in Embedded Electronics and IT domain. With a view to provide a holistic training experience, we combine the best of theoretical knowledge with ample practical time so that the student is not only aware but is also prepared to put in the best foot forward in the corporate world from day one.
Focuz Infotech is the educational and training division of Focuz Group of Companies that was established in 1978 and has a turnover of INR 350 crores. The separate entity allows the leadership at Focuz Infotech to create world class training infrastructure that gives young minds the chance to ignite the power of innovative yet sensible thinking.

Why Focuz Infotech?

  • Innovative and interactive course content that gives plenty of time for applied experience.
  • Focus on key career streams in Electronics and IT gives us unbeatable advantage in the depth and breadth of expertise
  • Association with prestigious names in the Education and Research Institutes such as IIM Bangalore, BHU, Anna university, BEL, Trivandrum Medical College, NIT Warangal, NIT Silchar, BEL, LRDE, DARE, IISER Pune to name a few
  • Technology association with Indian Railways, AAI, CIAL, HPCL, IOCL, C-DAC, DP World, Infosys and many more build real world knowledge base for the students.
  • High degree of sustained engagement with students on their practical challenges.
  • The variety of academic trainings offered including project assistance and guidance for both Mini and Main Projects in Electronics and IT, guidance for standard projects, IEEE standard projects and also combined packages for course and project solutions.
  • Strong team of academicians and training experts that facilitate successful absorption and implementation of course content by students through job-oriented programs.

What makes us different?

  • Learn from the Leader - Over 15 years of proven experience in the high end education stream in providing Quality Training to build Qualified Engineers and candidates who dream of building a career in Electronics and Software domain.
  • Real world learning - Industrial Standard Learning Environment that equips the candidate for the corporate world.
  • Extensive exposure – We provide a solid platform for interacting with both IT and Embedded Company experts that helps the candidate to build confidence.




Real and practical steps to build chip with minimum Signal Integrity issues!!
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Enviornment is ideal for groups who need faster and more flexible way to learn.
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Deliver robust mobile business applications and integrate with enterprise systems.
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Our view to fill the void created by lack of industry relevant education.
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Basic to advance level concept coverage in a systamatic and easy to understand fashion.
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Advanced diploma in software engineering

helps to build more powerful web solutions and advance to dynamic, database-enabled, website/intranet programming.
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Career in Matlab, it is important to have high quality training and specialized guidance. At Focuz Infotech , we provide an industry leading Matlab course.


At Focuz Infotech Advanced Education, we provide you with best in class Android development training, which can help students gain a strong footing in this niche.


Focuz Infotech provide the latest and best J2EE training program.These courses designed to propel our students to the heights of their careers and to give them the best tools.


Focuz Infotech provide a VLSI course that is comprehensive, modern, relevant, and can equip you with all the right tools to excel in the world of VLSI.

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The following points emphasize the need to strengthen your career prospects with a course from an accredited educational institute
• In a country with more than a million students passing out every year, a skill set in a niche area is highly important for a candidate to be identified, recognized and absorbed in an organization, where he or she begins to wish his/her career.
• To acquire the knowledge that serves as a bridge between what you know and what the industry expects you to know in order to begin a dream career.
• In real world, technology is evolving must faster than before. Equip your knowledge base with the latest technologies at Focuz Infotech.
We mould the candidate from a student to a career professional, with help of the following expertise -
• Over 15 years of proven experience in the high end education stream, in providing Quality Training to build Qualified Engineers and to candidates who dream of building a career in Electronics and Software domain.
• Industrial Standard Learning Environment that equips the candidate for the corporate world, leveraging latest technology for better chances of success in professional life.
• Platform for interacting with both IT and Embedded Company experts that helps the candidate to build confidence.
Focuz Infotech Advanced Education faculty have designed courses that align to latest industry expectations in IT and Embedded Technologies. Students can pick any of the technologies of their interest and ultimately receive a rewarding career.
• PG Diploma In Software Engineering
• Android Development
• PHP With Frameworks
• JAVA/J2EE With Frameworks
• APGDM (Embedded Systems)
• Diploma In Embedded System
• PG Diploma In VLSI
• Diploma In VLSI
• ARM7
• 8051 & PIC
We ensure to bring in only deserving candidates to learn the course and apply technologies in a stimulated environment. Below are the criteria for gaining admission to the courses –
• Students studying in 1st year to final year can undergo this program.
• The Training is also designed to fulfill the academic requirements of the 6th semester students who wish to do Industrial Training, a mandatory part of their curriculum.
• Students who wish to upgrade their existing skills can also undergo the program.
• Working professionals who wish to change the domain and career as well can undergo these training sessions.
• All BE, B.Tech / ME, M.tech ; BCA/MCA , B.Sc IT / M.Sc IT can apply.
• Above all, the candidate should have Interest and Determination to learn and use the course as a stepping stone to succeed in future life.
Our course duration ranges from 1 to 6 months. It depends on the complexity of the subject and the time needed for extensive course exposure for a particular subject.
Training is conducted at our Head Quarters, located in Cochin. We have built a wealth of resources and academic expertise here to ensure that students gain maximum potential from the knowledge gained at FocuzInfotech.
• On meeting the eligibility criteria, you can visit us and book for a session on career guidance. Our skilled counselors will guide you and help you choose the training based on your past education/experience, interest and skill set.
• Once area of interest is finalized, you may call us and book your seats for the next batch available.
Career oriented training helps student to gain knowledge that is not only accurate but also highly relevant. For instance our Android courses concentrate on the latest KitKat version rather than the older Ice Cream Sandwich or Ginger Bread versions which are obsolete in today’s time. This way we keep upgrading our course content to stay in lien with the pace of technological evolution.
The firststep is to gain an entry into the industry.This is where skilled and experienced academic staff from FocuzInfotech will come of invaluable help. Once you have entered the industry, you need to embrace the corporate culture, get to know the systems, and be affable yet assertive. Having a strong passion and a responsible commitment towards everything you do is value added to help you succeed before others. Finally stay ahead of the competition by scaling to newer responsibilities and keeping yourself updated of the latest technologies.
These are the frequent questions that might come up inthe minds of students or their parents. In case you have any other specific query, then you are welcome to enquire on or write to us at
Having practical experience on latest technologies is a definite plus when landing your first job. In addition to this, getting your certification from Focuz Infotech helps your resume gain a strong foothold in face of fierce competition and provides the below advantages -
1. Graduates from universities are ill-equipped to take up opportunities after their education because of the “outdated” and inefficient curriculum used by many universities in India. In order to gain knowledge of currently relevant topics and basic areas of embedded technologies (controllers and C programming), they undertake professional training that help them gain an entry into a lucrative job opportunity. Without such specialized knowledge, most graduates would remain unemployable in fields such as Embedded Systems and VLSI.
An interesting note though for our students – Choose your first job very carefully. It will decide your career path ahead. For instance, an employee working with a “Consulting type” company is likely to work his career in that direction. Where as a “Product based” company is a little different and they function in an entirely different way than a “Consulting company”. So be aware of your first job – what you learn there will decide the way your career is headed!
2. We offer specialized curriculum for Java. Java is one of the best programming language created ever. Java has proved it since the last 20 years. Two decades is a big time for any programming language, and Java has gained strength every day.
The performance improvement with the newer versions of Java and preference by Google to Java for Android application development keeps Java as front line programming language.
If it is in terms of career opportunities, again Java outscores other programming languages. You can have more job opportunities by learning Java programming language, also develop core Java based server side application J2EE web and enterprise applications and even go for Android based mobile application development . The volume of job potential is tremendous even with changing technological landscape.
3. We also cover in-depth PHP knowledge. PHP has rapidly emerged as the primary platform for web applications, even though the language is a lot younger than the other competitors. It has the special edge with its ease of learning and user-friendliness. It's simple to understand and triggers your creativity. It forms the base for most popular free scripts used for blogs, forums and e-commerce solutions.
4. VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration in a concept that has caused progress in leaps and bounds in the field of circuit design and hardware design, and currently is the basis for many different forms of advanced technology. VLSI concepts have been the backbone of most of the technological innovations of this day and age, and a career in VLSI can take you to the heights of success. With our VLSI course, we have attempted to integrate the core concepts with the latest innovations to design a course that can stand the test of time and give our students the right set of tools to make a great career.
As an industry IT and Embedded Systems is going through exciting times. Businesses around the world are accepting the jump in efficiency and decline in costs brought in by integrating IT, ITES and Embedded Systems in their organizations. This has resulted in a great demand for workforce that is not only well qualified but also has valuable training before joining their company. We are proud to provide such efficient training since last 15 years.

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News Updates

  • 2015-08-01

    Java Courses New Batches from August 1 st week

    Learn how to program drawings, animations, and games using JavaScript & ProcessingJS, or learn how to create webpages with HTML & CSS. You can share whatever you create, explore what others have created and learn from each other!

  • New VLSI Batch starts from August 5th - 2015 onwards

    VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration in a concept that has caused progress in leaps and bounds in the field of circuit design and hardware design, and currently is the basis for many different forms of advanced technology. The core concept of VLSI involves the combination of thousands or more transistors into a single chip to form a complex, highly functional integrated circuit.

  • 2015-07-25

    Android New Batch start from July - 25th

    Focuz Infotech Academy  providing is the best android training institute in Kerala providing 100% job oriented six months/6 weeks android training with live projects.Android application training which we provide is completely designed according to present IT market and expert faculty cum developer having more than 5 years of experience in the field will provide you practical training which will include all training of OOPs concept and Eclipse IDE. After the training student will become confident in making android Applications thus, join with Us


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